Monday, March 15, 2010

Seashore Walk 2010

Last weekend, concurrent with the Raptor Watch Week 2010 at Tanjung Tuan, near Port Dickson and Melaka, several nature walk activities had been organized by the Malaysia Nature Society. The nature walk activities were forest walk, marine walk and seashore walk.

I did join the seashore walk as one of the volunteer. This is the first time I became as a volunteer for this activity although I had join the Raptor Watch Week since 2008. Together with 4 other volunteers and one coordinator, we managed to conduct about four seashore walk, two trips on 13 March and two trips on 14 March.

Seashore walk actually a guided trip to the littoral zone of Tanjung Tuan, located in front of the PNB Ilham Resort, the venue for Raptor Watch Week since 11 years ago. The littoral zone is actually a combination of sandy, muddy and rocky beaches, and a patch of mangroves.